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Back packs made out of upcycling materials

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KO´OX emerges in 2014 as a result of an opportunity for recycling waste materials and applying them into new manufactured products, in this way a second chance for a new life cycle product is born.

The most common products manufactured are bagpacks, handbags and accessories, using PVC banners coming from Surf championships.

Today it keeps its flow in to incorporate new recycled raw materials contributing to reduce the environmental impact.



Coming from an initial idea, a deep research and targeting a market niche the process of sketching and creation begins.

Sharing concepts in brain storming, constant feedback made the process more effective in the learning curve.

Product Development

After selecting the main ideas the physical mockups are developed in order to check sizes and ergonomy.

Leading to prototyping and preproduction adjustments.

Product Collection


The brand communication strategy was based on a combination in between technical work pieces, showing the products features, sizes, usage, capabilities.

At the same time showing the native animals from Argentina as well as remarkable wild places.