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Berlin Lights

Signs of the past can still be seen at night, the differences between two systems, two infrastructures, two ways of life shine bright, yet only seen from above.

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Juannas Beer Cans

From social media influencers to outstand on the store shelves. As a new product on the market the beer cans were designed with the intention to call the clients attention and outstand among the rest.

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Wika Carvin Skateboard

Skate board art work illustration inspired on the shore agresive waves, for street surfing.

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Prisma Desin Chalenge

The main objective during this task was to create an image system with visual color impact, artistic motions and slight sensation of movement.

The creation of the illustrations was developed respecting Prisma line of aesthetics, adding a personal artistic touch that tries to go a little bit further to create something different.